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developing news. a wildfire is burning near the san francisco water supply. the fire near yosemite has been burning a week now. it has burned 129,000 acres on the west side of yosemite. 2700 firefighters are on the ground an in the air. they have it 7% contained.
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last night, the governor expanded a state of emergency to include san francisco because its public utilities could be affected. the fire is approaching the rez war and three hydro electric power stations in the area. two of which are turned off as a precaution. abc 7 news reporter john alston is live with an update to the progress made against the fire today. john? >> reporter: first off, those power stations will be inspected tomorrow. behind me, you can see the darkness exposes how massive this fire is. this has been burning for some time, at least through today and certainly exploded again tonight. at points, the flames were hundreds of feet in the air. this is a few miles south of highway 120, exactly where firefighters do not want this to go. they are very concerned about this and have been setting backfires to keep it from spreading any farther. one weapon against the fire has been a pistol that shoots an
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incendiary device. the park remains open but highway 120 is still closed. along that road, small fires flaired in to larger ones in an instant. winds shifted every few seconds. for the first time in near lay week, some residents were allowed to see their property. core rina lowe and her brother from the bay area lost two homes that had been in their family for years. the main house survived. >> we feel super lucky to have this guy still standing which was my family home in high school. so, yeah, super close call for this house. >> they were custom houses, really cute. to make this place look extra nice for guest and stuff. >> reporter: dharma who lives on the property said firefighters did an admirable job. >> they were here until the last
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second possible. we are thankful for those guys. they work hard and risk their lives to do this so -- yeah. >> reporter: all day the sky was dominated bay massive mushroom cloud. the fire reached two miles from the reservoir, san francisco's main water source. so far water quality has not been affected. however, tomorrow could be brutal. crews here are expecting winds of 40 miles an hour with gusts up to 60 miles an hour. live john alston, abc 7 nooz. >> thank you. abc 7 news meet rolgs is tracking the fire conditions tonight. >> we will look at live doppler 7 hd. some parts of the region have had a few isolated showers there off and on today. mainly the higher elevations. we will get to the current readings. as we move back in to the actual fire zone, i want to mention that the warning there you see
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in the gray, that's for smoke and really unhealthy air quality. of course, the high fire danger still in that area, as well. current readings right now. 74 degrees. relative humidity 19%. earlier today it was down to 12%. winds gusting to 30 miles an hour. as john mentioned on sunday, temperatures will be hot near 90. the winds will pick up and shift west-southwest to 40 miles an hour and looks like next week they will get some cooling. there is also a threat of isolated thunderstorms. we will deal with more dry lightning that that region next week. we will look at the forecast coming up. you can follow the progress and the effort to contain this wildfire on our twitter feed at abc 7 news bay area. we have breaking news after a shooting at a boutique pet hotel in san francisco. police believe it was an attempted robbery. it happened at the wag hotel south of market best buy.
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police say a woman working at the hotel was shot in the leg. she's expected to be okay. police are searching for two suspects. tonight, there's a manhunt underway in san jose after a man was shot to death. police say the man was killed about 1:00 this afternoon at north third and east julian streets. they questioned witnesses but didn't make arrests. this is the city's 33rd homicide of the year. authorities in the east bay launched an intense search today after they received information about a missing toddler. 22-month-old daphne webb was reported missing by her father in oakland in july. abc news reporter lillian kim has details on the search. >> reporter: the family gathered in prayer before search teams headed out. dozens of volunteers combed the trails and oakland area in hopes of finding the 22-month-old girl. >> if he found something, he would sit at the source. and i would go running up and i would call him away because it
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would be a crime scene. so we'd want to preserve it as well as we could. >> reporter: daphne has been missing since july 10th. her father, john webb is a person of interest. he claims his daughter disappeared when he left her in the car with his 87-year-old mother. they say they are committed as ever to solving this case. >> with the investigative team we have here i am confident we will find out what happened to this baby. >> reporter: there were moments of hope. they found shovels and a pick they thought could be related to the disappearance. police called in a helicopter to take aerial photos of the area but in the end they came up m. family members are holding up hope daphne may be out there alive. >> on one hand i'm relieved. on the other hand we are still looking, searching. we still want our baby back. >> reporter: police say there is one more area they plan to search but won't say where or when just yet n. oakland,
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lillian kim, abc 7 news. >> police are investigating after a man suspected of stabbing his mother to death was shot by police in san francisco. officers found 44-year-old rosa stabbed to death last night at an apartment. her son 22-year-old carlos was covered in blood and carrying a knife when he boarded a golden gate transit bus. police spotted him getting off the bus in san francisco. authorities say he tlehreatened officers with a knife. he was take on the the hospital and is expected to survive. the bay bridge will close in four days beginning late in the evening on august 28th. the closure will last five days over the long labor day holiday. the bridge with the eastern span will reopen by september 3rd, the day after labor day. to move along traffic, another toll lane is converted to fast track only. the three farthest right hand
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lanes are closed for the work this weekend. you can see a slowdown this afternoon as cars approached the toll mraz sachlt drivers with who drive from 880 or west grand avenue are detoured to exit and use the two bus only lanes at the far right side of the plaza. the closures run through 5:00 a.m. on monday. ac transit is offering extra service to b.a.r.t. stations to help people get across the bay during the closure. b.a.r.t. will be operating trains around the clock at several stations. they are expanding the schedule and if you have to drive during the shutdown, download the traffic app to get around the gridlock. we have details on the closure and information on how to get around the bay area at nbc 7 under seen on tv. still ahead on abc 7 news at 9:00, san diego's mayor is leaving office after 17 women accuse him of sexual harassment. what he will get from his resignation agreement. the new laws blasted today
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by civil rightsúo
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outgoing san diego mayor bob filner is preparing to leave office. filner resigned yesterday with a defiant speech before the city council. 17 women, incluing a university dean and retired navy admiral accused filner of inappropriate behavior. the city will pay his legal expenses related to a sexual harassment lawsuit and offer him up to $98,000 if he chooses to hire his own lawyer. tens of thousands of people marched on the nation's capitol today commemorating dr. king's civil rights march 50 years ago. the crowd gathered before the
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reflecting pool. king called on the nation to extend ideals of equality and justice to african-americans. today speakers blasted identification laws in several states expected to make it harder for minorities to vote. >> we had i.d. when we voted for nixon and those who succeeded him, carter, reagan, bush, carter, bush again. why when we get to obama do we need some special i.d.? >> reporter: san francisco is one of several cities across the nation to celebrate the anniversary of the march. coming up next on abc 7 news at 9:00, a look at the events on the east coast. that's a preview of the similar one planned for the bay area. how long is this warm weather going to stay over the bay area? meteorologist leigh glaser tells us next in the forecast. maybe a quarterback controversy as pryor is making the coach think twice who will be the starter
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people paid to run for their lives during the first ever great bull run held in the u.s. inspired by the traditional spanish spectacle it was held at a drag racing strip in virginia. organizer says one person suffered minor sdwrirryes. a member of the humane society attended to make sure there was no mistreatment of the bulls. another is held june 21st in the bay area but there isn't a set location yet. >> i don't know about that. >> i don't know about that either. >> i will pass on that. terrific day today. temperatures came up as much as five degrees in most locations, but we are going to cool it down a bit as we head in to sunday
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afternoon. live doppler 7 hd pointing out some of the high and low clouds already starting to make its way to the bay area. you can see some of those high clouds. it is all in advance of a weak cold front that is sitting just off the coast. this could possibly bring the north bay communities a chance of a few light sprinkles by early tomorrow morning. we will get to that in a moment. highs today from 88 cloverdale. to 86 antioch. 86 the high in san francisco. 79 santa cruz and livermore a high of 84 degrees. nice shot from our kgo rooftop cam to the embarcadero in san francisco. a look at current readings. san francisco 60. 66 degrees half moon bay. golden gate bridge already reduced visibility thanks to the low clouds and the fog developing there. watch for mist and drizzle to develop, as well. santa rosa 64. nevada 64. we have 71 in fairfield and
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livermore holding up a little heat from today at 66 degrees. here's a look at the forecast. chance of sprinkles in the north bay overnight. the rest of us will see low clouds and fog. little mist and drizzl partly cloudy conditions. still going to see sunshine tomorrow. cooler air mass settles over the bay area for sunday and we will gradually warm temperatures up in to next week. here's a look at the cloud pattern. you can see we had some clearing today but the low clouds and fog will continue to be on the increase. the reason why you see just off the coast, very weak cold front. it is starting to pressure to the bay area. we are going to get the tail end of this. the rest will spread the rain to the pacific northwest. there is a pocket of cooler air behind this. it will sink in here and winds will pick up tomorrow afternoon as well. stronger sea breeze and that will keep the temperatures down. here's our animation. this was showing activity off the coast. 11:00 this evening and it is
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through 3:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, sonoma coast could see a little activity as the front scoots in. this is 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. the golden gate bridge here, heavy mist and drizzle as the front stretches to the north. we will keep it a slight chance tomorrow morning, mainly in the north bay and see partial clearing tomorrow afternoon. overnight lows in the 50s around the bay area with drizzle developing near the coast and highs for your sunday, a little cooler. 76 san jose. cupertino 73. and on the peninsula, palo alto, you warm to 74. upper 50s at the coast. san francisco, overcast and 65. we will look for 72 for petaluma. napa 77. castro valley 72. interior east bay, mild for this time of the year. brentwood 83. 81 concord. the seven-day forecast, clouds to sunshine will return on monday and midweek, wednesday and thursday, temperatures climb
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back up near 90 inland and 80 near the bay and mid to upper 60s at the beaches wednesday and thursday. not too bad. >> thank you, leigh. sports and how the baseball teams are doing. >> one good, one bad. a's need to get busy if they want a playoff run. parker hasn't lost in 15 starts, make that 16 thanks to this one. parker's one mistake in the third. flattery flies it to right. 1-0 orioles. suzuki making his first start with the a's since traded back on tuesday. to two batters later another double. ties the game at one. top of the ninth, coco crisp, see ya. third consecutive game with a home run. a's win 2-1. texas lost to the a's and are two an a half back of the
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american league west. giants end a three-game slide hosting pittsburgh. sums up the giant's season, three straight. poor guy. not as a easy as it looks. the g men rip off four runs in the first. buster posey starts things off with a single to left. and they hold on to a 6-3 victory. little league world series. westport, connecticut against chula vista, for the championship. the pitcher struck out and they are headed to the championship with a 12-1 victory where they will face the little leaguers from tokyo, japan. they beat tijuana in the international finals. a solo home run to right center. that will be the difference. japan wins it 3-2. the championship is tomorrow at noon here on abc 7. raiders head coach dennis allen has a dilemma after the loss to the bears as in who will
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be his starting quarterback. current starter threw two interceptions. an the raiders fell behind in the first half. pro pryor leads with two tds. running this in himself. in the loss he said he will go with the players that give him the best chance to win while pryor works on his game. >> i'm not going to look at who is going to start. i want this team -- we have a lot of things to fix offensively and defensively. we will fix it together and get it down. i'm leaning on my teammates an my teammates are leaning on me and me and matt are leaning on each other. everyone is helping each other. that's how a great team starts to elapse. i think we have a great team here. with these ideal positions -- new jersey a lot of low scores yesterday. today no different. choi, one bounce in for a hole
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in one. next group, chalmers , two bounces. it spins back for a hole in one on the same hole. back-to-back. it is amazing. tiger is in the hunt. he is four back at 8 under. he has a bad back. chapel broke a course record.o . under 3 under 68 op the day. birdie putt on six. he is 12 under. birdies 14 in front of the new york skyline a crowded leader board. the co-leaders are 12 under. a lot of guys with a chance to win this in sunday's final round. texas is taking on dallas. quakes score twice in the first 16 minutes. a chip over the keeper but dallas rallies with two of their own. the man with one name, michelle.
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the game ends in a 2-2 draw. what does herschel walker doing at sonoma raceway. we will see you at 11:00. an update on a newborn baby panda at the national zoo.úoúo
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coming up tonight at 11:00, a fire near yosemite continues to grow. we will show you how much it has grown and what it looks like from space. and an attack at a park. the search for the dog's owner. panda caretakers at washington's national zoo will have to wait to get a first closeup look at their new resident. a tiny, one-day-old panda cub.
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the birth provided by the zoo. zookeepers need to do a health check. it only takes a few minutes but momma panda didn't give zookeepers an opportunity take their cub. the caretakers will listen to the cub's heart and lungs, record weight and collect a dna sample. so they will try again tomorrow if mom will give them an opportunity. >> that is it for abc 7 news at 9:00. thank you for joining us. our next news is at 11:00 over on abc 7. see you then.
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